Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Touching Russian Tangent

I spent my Friday at the state symphony's rendition of a handful of the greatest Russian maestros.  I have never, in all honesty, heard them play this well or enthusiastically.  It was a small joy to lose one's worries, if only for a moment.  Here were two of my favorites, if you  have the time:

The conductor noted, quite aptly of course, that critics found this number to be "too hollywood", at which point the conductor asked- "is Rachmaninoff too Hollywood, or is Hollywood too Rachmaninoff?"  I couldn't agree more.  I prefer the violin performing the vocal line.

Good People of this Universe...

My apologies to you, any of you actually caring, for my extended absence.  This break-up is taking longer than I thought to get over, finding it harder than usual to get inspired.  Time heals all wounds, they say.  Thank you for those that are still around, it does mean much to me.